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If This Is Happening Outside Your House, It’s Time To Move

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If you don’t live in Australia, then you probably have a very high opinion of kangaroos. And why shouldn’t you? They’re cute, they’re seemingly cuddly, and they’ve starred in plenty of tacky but entertaining movies. Sadly, this version of kangaroos is only limited to the silver screen. Kangaroos in real life, especially males, can be […]


If You’re Headed To Lake Tahoe This Summer, Watch Out For The Plague

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For those on the West Coast, no place is more magical for a vacation in nature than Lake Tahoe. However, if you’re planning a visit for your summer vacation, you might want to think twice…or at least consult your doctor first. That’s because researchers recently discovered the presence of bubonic plague nearby. During routine testing […]


It Looks Like Water, But If You Touched It, It Would Probably Make You Very Sick

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Mercury, as we all know, doesn’t do great things to the human body. Enough exposure to the substance can cause some serious damage, which makes it all the more shocking that an artist in Barcelona decided to construct this breathtaking fountain. While it looks pretty normal at first, this thing spews out liquid mercury. (source: […]


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